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Good food, good mood

Foodtech Innovation Network is a project in collaboration between Innovation Skåne, Lund University Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition and Department of Chemical Engineering, Netport Science Park and Packbridge. Foodtech Innovation Network represents a community of members aspiring to create a healthy, tasty and sustainable food system. The project is partially financed by the European Union – European Regional Development Fund, for Skåne and Blekinge and will run between 2020.09.01 – 2023.04.30.

Standing side by side with entrepreneurs, the food industry, the innovation system and the public sector, we support businesses and companies by providing growth advisory, technical guidance and access to pilot, scale-up and initial production facilities. Our network gathers members and connects innovative foodtech solutions and the global market. We are here to reinforce innovative solutions and accelerate the growth of small and medium sized enterprises (SME:s).

Foodtech is a powerful way to influence sustainability and create a better future. Globally 25% of the greenhouse gas emission and 70% of the freshwater usage are connected to how we produce, distribute and consume food. What we eat also has a great impact on our health and wellbeing, with rising numbers of obesity and overweight as well as malnutrition and underweight, increasing the strain on the health care system. Food is the largest driver of exceeding the planets boundaries, and we want to change that.

We are proud to work with the following Sustainable Development Goals.

12. Responsible consumption and production

8.2. Diversify, innovate and upgrade for economic productivity

9.4. Upgrade all industries and infrastructures for sustainability

17.16. Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development

We are stronger together 

Our associated partners are innovation actors with whom Foodtech Innovation Network have a close collaboration, working together towards the common goal to create tomorrows food system, today. Our associated partners are SLU Holding Alnarp and Livsmedelsakademin

Are you an innovation actor and would like to join as an associated partner? Please send us an e-mail

The project has a reference group helping the Foodtech Innovation Network to stay relevant and to connect us to the larger innovation ecosystem. These are Sweden Food ArenaLivsmedelsakademinRegion SkåneRegion BlekingeRISE and SLU Holding Alnarp.