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Foodtech Innovation Network Conference 2021

Posted on juni 8, 2021

Take part of the Foodtech Innovation Network Conference May 20 2021 and meet the food entrepreneurs and the food actors working towards the food system of the future.

The food system is complex, but we all know that if we want to create a future which is sustainable for planet and people, food is where we need to start. There is no one solution, but many pieces of the puzzle. Innovative value-drive and fast moving SME:s, as our members in the in Foodtech Innovation Network, are part of the solution. Another part is forward-looking larger companies trying to pull their part in contributing to tomorrows food system.  

During the Foodtech Innovation Network conference we had the great pleasure to listen to a mix of speakers starting of with Daniel Skaven Ruben setting the context of the challenge thought his presentation “Unlocking food system opportunities through tech and innovation”. Daniel shared important facts and fascinating insight both on the food system from a planetary point of view as well as from the eyes of an entrepreneur. Sara Maxence shared insights from ICA Sweden in here presentation “Innovating the Future of Food” and invited SME:s for collaboration. Henrik Ringdah shared is thought on way furniture company as IKEA find food so very important in “The IKEA steps to create a better everyday life”.

During the morning we meet in total eight Foodtech Innovation Networks members in studio talks discussion the existence, struggles and future for SMEs within food as well as their work on preventing food waste, alternative proteins and development of new technology.  

Together we create the food system of the future. Today. 

Please feel free to take part part of the conference in the video above.


0:00 Together we create the food system of the future. Today. Moderator: Carin Daal

5:27 Unlocking food system opportunities through tech and innovation Daniel Skaven Ruben, Head of Strategy and Special Projects, Stockeld Dreamery

30:34 Studio talk on preventing food waste Eda Demir Westman, COO, OptiCept Technologies Erik Månsson, CEO, Innoscentia Filip Åkerblom, CEO, Lilla Kafferosteriet

45:17 Innovating the Future of Food Sara Maxence, Innovation Manager, ICA Sweden

1:11:39 Studio talk on alternative proteins Ebba Fröling, COO, Mycorena Eslam Salah, CEO, Lupinta Katarina Furin, CEO, Edgy Veggy

1:25:14 The IKEA steps to create a better everyday life Henrik Ringdahl, Range Selector, IKEA of Sweden

1:46:09 Studio talk on new technology Edvard Hall, CEO, Bioextrax Henrik Thuresson, Business Development Manager, Watersprint

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