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The Green Dairy Sweden

Publicerad: 29 augusti, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

We are a Swedish food company dedicated to developing tasty and convenient plant-based food products since 1989.


Publicerad: 6 juli, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

YOGUT is the first automatic yogurt machine in the world which will enable you to make your own personalized yogurt at home, full of gut-friendly functional ingredients and free from preservatives or additives. 

Nuts Fabriken Lund

Publicerad: 20 juni, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

Nuts Fabriken is a Swedish company from Lund that makes healthy vegan nut butters – for the many. Their nut butters have short ingredients lists and consists of mainly NUTS and a flavor, like the Hazelnut butter with cacao & dates or the pure Pistachio butter with Himalayan salt. They are challenging the traditional spreads and are focusing on providing healthy and tasty options of nut butters.

The vision of Nuts Fabriken is to promote health by creating modern and healthy alternatives to traditional spreads. They aim to become a big player in the food industry sector.

Marine taste

Publicerad: 11 maj, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

The salty sea off the coast of Bohuslän is a perfect environment for the sea urchin, Ciona intestinalis – an anemone-like aquatic animal that is grown in the same way as mussels.

At Marine Taste, we take advantage of the lake’s fantastic properties and flavors. When it contributes, it contributes to a cleaner sea. After harvest, it becomes a delicious flavor enhancer.

Our product consists of 100 percent natural raw material – no additives. Try and discover the full-bodied taste of umami, soft marine aromas and with a distinct saltiness.


Publicerad: 2 mars, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

Stacky’s is a reaction to the fact that the food industry seems to be stuck in a never-ending loop to create fake meat. Which is why much of the available plant-based food has become too pricy, filled with additives and doesn’t taste like meat nor good. 

Stacky’s is smarter food, made from Swedish produce without any additives. Choose from Hot & Spicy, Smokey BBQ or our well balanced Stacky’s Original.


Publicerad: 9 februari, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

Comfoo simplifies your everyday life with complete nutritious meals – wherever and whenever you want. Comfoo is a healthy and easy alternative for you who want to be able to cook & eat quickly.

POOW The Food Hero

Publicerad: 9 februari, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

POOW The Food Hero is the tool which in three easy steps motivates your child to eat more and better food. The application activates and guides the whole family from cooking the food to eating it.

Nothing F!SHY

Publicerad: 9 februari, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

An evolution in vegetarian food. Nothing F!SHY manufacture the market’s best frozen, vegan fish substitutes.


Publicerad: 9 februari, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

A 60% decrease in employment in the Swedish fishing industry has been identified from 2008 to 2018. Next to this, food production must double by 2050 to meet the demand. This two-folded need can be addressed by the production of seaweed has been proven to be sustainable in all three aspects of the world (economical, ecological and social). However, the current entry barriers are high with a lack of technical knowledge, the complex permit and administrative processes and the site selection.

We believe there is an urgent need for a shift in sea and ocean use. We must reconsider our approach to the sea and start exploiting its resources in a sustainable manner. Hence, we believe that sea farming of seaweed, is the solution to many environmental challenges. Therefore, we want to make sea farming of seaweed accessible to everyone. We want to lower barriers to enter the promising industry of cultivating seaweed, which provides a sustainable solution to many challenges.


Publicerad: 21 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

To promote healthy habits in adulthood we offer nutritious and tasty food to babies. With our patented, science based, and sustainable concept, both parents and babies will learn to appreciate the colors, texture, aroma and taste of a wide variety of food. Our baby food concept offers flexibility and a range of nutritionally balanced meals can be composed from the individual food components.