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Archive for januari, 2022

Meet ARWA Foodtech

Publicerad: 17 januari, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

ARWA Foodtech has developed a range of nourishing and tasty drinks and sauces that combine the properties of Swedish oats and traditional African baobab fruit. This is their story.

Hi Arwa Mustafa, founder and CEO of ARWA Foodtech, tell us a little about yourselves, who are you?

I am a dedicated senior researcher with M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Food Science, and more than a decade of experience in the field of innovation and new product development, focusing on functional foods, and health products using Green and Clean Technologies and adapting UN-SDGs. I have received several innovation awards and have a patent.

Tell us a little about ARWA Foodtech and the product.

The company specialised in developing novel food products with health-promoting properties. Our mission is to create nutritious and health-promoting products from the baobab fruit, as well as giving back know-how to the baobab countries of origin. “Giving Forward & Giving Back” is our motto.

Our products are vegan diet adapted and offer tasty and healthy plant-based shakes, high protein fiber snacks, and savory sauces that boost iron intake. It is an excellent source of other essential nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

What effect has the product on the food system and why is this important to you?

Our promise is to produce tasty, healthy, diversified, and clear-label products for all categories of customers. We are committed to green tech since we have health and sustainability in focus. For me personally, as well as my team, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable food system for sustainable health using science and technology as a tool.

How do you think food consumption will look in the future?

There will be more focus in food for health, plant-based, and more diversified and healthy diets.

What is needed for an SME like yours to succeed?

Apart from the obvious, I believe, it is a dedicated team who shares a passion for the same cause and a lot of patience.

What does it mean to be part of Foodtech Innovation Network?

It is very important to be a member of an ecosystem that supports and encourages the journey. There has been a lot of exchange of learning and experiences between fellows in the network.

You have received support for analyses and test runs from Foodtech Innovation Networks – how was that and what has it contributed to?

It was received with great appreciation since it helped us with some milestones.

Meet Heja Havre

Publicerad: 17 januari, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

What happens when a small business meets the Foodtech Innovation Network advisory board?

”We actually got in contact with a company through one of the advisors, and we have now developed new flavors for them. We did not expect that.” explains Maja von Szokolay, Co-founder & CEO, and Stella Heffler, Co-founder & Sales Manager, at Heja Havre.

Meet Heja Havre, a Foodtech Innovation Network member, that simplifies the stressful everyday life with an instant porridge made with Scanian oats. In this interview, they share their views on the future of the food production system and why being a member of the network is beneficial.

Guest speaker performance on the Swedish foods strategy

Publicerad: 17 januari, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

In late December, Emelie Olsson, project manager at Foodtech Innovation Network, participated at the conference ”Together we reach the goals for the Swedish foods strategy”. The conference was arranged by Tillväxtverket, Vinnova och Jordbruksverket.

Sustainability, profitability and collaboration. These were the three words that permeated the entire conference and panel discussion where Emelie participated with Marie Gidlund, Sweden Food Arena, and Anna Eldestrand, Tillväxtverket. The discussion focused on the ongoing change in the food system and the innovative initiatives surrounding the food sector, both in terms of developing business opportunities and finding new ways to collaborate.

“The food industry is developing rapidly and it is important to keep the steam going! […] We need to take advantage of the innovative power that exists to be able to contribute to a sustainable future.” tells Emelie. Which is in line with the food strategy. The goal for the food strategy is increased and sustainable production of food that can lead to more jobs and sustainable growth throughout the country.