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Publicerad: 30 november, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

FarmUp connect food producers directly with end-customers. Today over 100 producers use our app to sell to consumers, grocery stores and restaurants. Today many producers are completely reliant on wholesalers (who dictate the terms). Using FarmUp we empower and allow them to dictate the terms of their business. For their customers we gather all producers in one place and make it easy and convenient to buy locally produced food.

Our ambition is to make locally produced food more accessible. Whether you eat at home or at a restaurant – there should be sustainable options. We want to lead a food revolution towards a more sustainable food system.

ConServ Sverige

Publicerad: 30 november, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

More than 20Million take-away packages are used by restaurants in Sweden every year. The alternatives to plastic available today require a lot of chemicals in the manufacturing and require chemical barriers to resist hot liquids and greasy sauces. These chemicals can disintegrate and accumulate in our body as we consume take-away foods and get into our soil and water during incineration/ recycling. We propose a natural leaf-based solution with zero added chemicals.

Our vision is to remove chemicals altogether from food packaging. We strive to utilize the natural resources in its purest form to be truly sustainable and circular leaving behind nothing. The idea contributes to 4 of the 17 UN sustainability goals. We pledge to act as responsible producers with minimum resources and high energy efficiency. Through the business, we partner with Indian farmers and employ rural Indian women contributing to the economic development of marginal communities.


Publicerad: 2 mars, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

Precision is key. By operating in double infrastructure, we are able to get as close to your customer as fast as possible. By streamlining the delivery flow, we push costs down giving you the possibility to cut the price at checkout and leave your customer with a feeling of satisfaction from making a sustainable choice. A classic win win.


Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Rawstraw produces 100% natural and environmental-friendly straws made of Swedish rye. Compostable, tasteless and durable– perfect for your drink and kind to the planet.

Koepala Packaging

Publicerad: 22 november, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Koepala develop innovative packaging solutions for single portion foods. Our licensed technology helps packaging manufacturers make the shift to sustainable food packaging in an economic and efficient way.

Our team of food tech and business professionals are focused on designing innovative, sustainable and smarter packaging. We specialise in developing, testing, and licensing new food packaging solutions for the circular economy.

Our goal is to make food packaging more sustainable, while making eating out more convenient and fun than it already is.

Trash to gold

Publicerad: 13 september, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Trash to gold is here to accomplish one thing: to replace today’s single-use to-go products with upcycled alternatives that are better for the user and better for the environment. We do this by collecting operational biowaste from service-sector businesses and turn it into unique and good-looking products that can be (re)used instead.

Imagine a reusable to-go cup for coffee made from coffee grounds, a reusable lunchbox for sushi made from leftover rice, or a cutlery set made from old popsicle sticks or leftover food. The possibilities are endless.

Birka BioStorage

Publicerad: 13 september, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Birka BioStorage holds the largest BioStorage facility in Scandinavia providing pharma and medtech industries a wide range of temperature controlled storage including climate chambers for stability testing and transport services.​

BIRKA produces dry ice in different sizes to be used for transport, freezeing processes, blastering/cleaning and more, in addition to liquid nitrogen supply.​

Green Banana

Publicerad: 18 maj, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

We will manufacture good and tasty food that easily can compete with equivalent non-plant based products. We will also distribute plant based products, our own and others, in new ways to enable rural consumers to get the latest from within the plant based market.


This company will initially work within two business units, development and manufacturing of plant based food, and, distribution of plant based products to rural towns and villages.

Our motto is “We have a mission – plant based food should be tasty, nutritional and available to all”.

Heja Havre

Publicerad: 17 maj, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Heja havre simplifies the stressful everyday with a useful and tasty instant porridge. Perfect for the conscious on-the-go individual. Made on scanian oats. Just add water and we’ll fix the rest!

Problem: Havré is 22 years old, studies OATology at university and dances ballOAT in his spare time. In short, Havré has a lot of things to do and is constantly on-the-go. Havré is sitting on campus studying, he is tired and broke. He suddenly becomes very hungry, what should he do now?

He only has time for something fast, as he will soon have to take the bus to his ballOAT lesson. But at the university café only there are only sweets and cakes, which unfortunately are not vegan. Havré needs a snack that gives him long-lasting energy so he can study longer and go to his dance training. What is he going to do?

Hi Havré! We have got a solution for you! Unhealthy snacks should not limit anyone’s everyday life. We offer a snack that is both good, nutritious and filling. Above all, its fast and you can eat it on-the-go … It’s a vegan instant porridge!


Heja Havre will, at first, mainly be sold in Skåne (south of Sweden). This is because the company has Skåne as a starting point, but also because we care about the local aspect of our company. We think it is important that a locally produced product is also sold locally. This is to minimize transport and make it as sustainable as possible! Despite this, we at Heja Havre see an opportunity to achieve sales nationally and within Scandinavia in a sustainable way in the future.

Heja Havre’s ambition is to grow large on the oat market and thus Heja Havre is under development and working to scale up production. After carrying out a hand-scaled production, we have learned an incredible amount. Now it’s time for us to become more large-scale, so that we can offer our customers larger volumes and more mushy snacks! We are looking for a contract manufacturer that meets Heja Havre’s requirements as well as our customers’ requirements for durability, packaging, ingredients etc. There for Heja Havre 2.0 will be launched in fall. We are working hard to reach this goal while keeping our standards and product quality.

Within 1 year from launch, our goal is to be available at at least 10 local ICA retailers in Skåne. As well as establishing a collaboration with a large online retailer, eg Mathem, Apotea, Meds etc. We also want to grow in the gym/workout industry, which we hope to be able to do by starting by being present at 3 sports facilities (gyms or similar). We also want to be available at at least 5 cafés in Skåne. Also establish 10 regular corporate customers, who subscribe to a “porridge box” that they receive every month. Finally our goal is to have a functioning E-commerce that can represent Heja Havre and what we stand for!

Within 5 years, we want to develop our range of oat-based products and be able to offer even more good vegan snacks filled with oats. Imagine small oat balls with the natural sweetness from oats, rolled in vegan chocolate. The perfect snack on-the-go and as a Saturday treat! And launch a larger family pack of instant porridge!

The possibilities are endless with oats;)

We also aim to be in 3 chains in the Swedish grocery trade. In addition to this, an on-the-go product must of course be available where people are most on the go. Thus, a goal to establish dealers such as Pressbyrån, 7/11, Statoil etc, is highly relevant. Heja Havre also wants to be available where you travel and thus wishes to be able to enjoy a hotel chain’s breakfast buffet.

Lilla Kafferosteriet Produktioner

Publicerad: 17 maj, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Growing mushrooms on coffee waste and sparkling soda with left overs from the coffee cherry.

Our vision is to create a holistic coffee roastery.