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All in a Box IKE – Marathos

Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

Marathos is a young, hungry company, very determined to realize a grand ambition: to bring fresh and delicious Greek/Mediterranean food ingredients and home-cooked food, straight to the doorstep of consumers worldwide.

Our menu includes not only meal kits but also cooked meals, as well as trays ready-to-bake. We provide a plethora of vegetable, fish, poultry and meat recipes, all drawn from the Greek/Mediterranean healthy diets.


Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

With Falgo products, we guarantee that you will have time for other things, nutritious food and a tasty experience. Through retailers, we offer our frozen pizzas with low in calories, baked on unsweetened whole grain base, rich in fibres, proteins and vitamins. We can proudly say that our products are a healthier choice.

Cold and dry

Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

Handle moisture-related problems in small freezers to save energy and avoid other moisture-related problems like high temperature, fluctuating temperature, slippery floors, ice and snow on products etc which have a negative impact on stored food products both in quality and on the sustainability of food.


Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

The company offers plant-based products and dehydrated meals fabricated by rescuing fruits and vegetables rejected from the wholesale market and upcycling them into value-added products with the possibility to tailor their chemical composition, nutritional value, and functionality.

The world is currently entering an era beyond just plant-based and organic. Instead of discarding seeds used during the production process, upcycling allows us to transform them into, for example, snacks, energy bars, protein powders, pet foods, etc.

The uniqueness of the project is far beyond the technological aspects of upcycling. It is instead in the educational approach to our customers, encouraging them to develop a sustainable mindset. As a result, the ultimate users of our products are people who care about good health and well-being, good quality education for themselves and future generations, food waste, climate change issues, and practicing sustainable approaches in their lives.


Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

Gutzi is a sparkling drink brand that is dedicated to embracing the values of individuals who prioritize pleasure, fun, and connection, as well as health, energy, and wellbeing. Our innovative beverage is carefully crafted using premium all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge components, without compromising on flavor or the experience of enjoying a drink. With a confident vision to challenge the market, Gutzi is positioned to become a powerful player in the industry, providing a distinctive and authentic choice for consumers seeking a satisfying beverage option.

Adventure Calls

Publicerad: 11 maj, 2022 av Elida Cimic |

Adventure Calls is a meal solution for your outdoor activities, developing ”companions” for any quick-cooking carbohydrates such as pasta and couscous that can be purchased at a grocery store. With the carbohydrates, each serving offers adequate nutrition, great flavors, as well as vegetable and protein pieces in one fulfilling meal. What’s more, each Adventure Calls ”companion” packs under 50g, size of a Barnängen Barntvål, to enable light and easy packing for your next adventure.