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Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

We develop and sell functional food products consisting of a herbal mix that can help people relax and fall asleep easier.

WellBeMed was founded based on an idea for developing healthy and well documented products that can help against lifestyle-related health problems. We are active in the area of sleep, and we develop and sell food products with lemon balm that can help people fall asleep easier. Under the brand WellBeSleep, we sell bars and shots for evening use, and we are present in Sweden and the UK.

We saw a gap in the market for tasty, healthy food products that can facilitate more sleep and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Standing behind WellBeMed is a group of acclaimed experts from the Swedish food industry and academia.


• Increase quality of life for people by contributing to solutions that relieve lifestyle-related health problems.
• Healthy and available products for all to use and that are sustainable.
• Remain a responsible business.


Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

Gutzi is a sparkling drink brand that is dedicated to embracing the values of individuals who prioritize pleasure, fun, and connection, as well as health, energy, and wellbeing. Our innovative beverage is carefully crafted using premium all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge components, without compromising on flavor or the experience of enjoying a drink. With a confident vision to challenge the market, Gutzi is positioned to become a powerful player in the industry, providing a distinctive and authentic choice for consumers seeking a satisfying beverage option.


Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

Innovative beverage producer that focuses on functional beverages with a clean label and without added sweeteners.

Nordic Koji Co.

Publicerad: 19 juli, 2023 av Elida Cimic |

Nordic Koji is a food-tech company specializing in manufacturing of natural flavoring enhancer through advanced fermentation technology. Nordic Koji’s pastes are innovative food ingredients used in professional kitchens. Our mission is to support the plant-based transition with often-lacking umami flavours.

Yofix Probiotics

Publicerad: 30 november, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

Yofix Produces Clean-Label, Waste-Free, Dairy alternatives. They answer 5 UN-defined SDGs., including reduction of Carbon footprint by 75%. It is quite hard to achieve a plant based yogurt or cheese without the chemical additives that mimic Milk unique characteristics. Yofix has managed to find the right technology (IP pending) to work this out!

The company aims to bring affordable solutions for enhancement of our healthy life style, while sustaining a healthier planet for future generations.

Greenleaf Medical

Publicerad: 30 november, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

Greenleaf Medical AB is a Swedish research and development company, which develops and sells natural ingredients with well-documented health benefits on the global nutraceutical market. The safety and efficacy of the products is granted through research at leading international universities and research groups. The products are sold and marketed by leading distribution partners world-wide, both as functional foods/drinks and dietary supplements.

Our vision is to become a leading global supplier of premium nutraceutical products, thereby improving the life of millions of people worldwide.

Scandinavian Algae

Publicerad: 30 november, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

We want to develop new ways of producing food for our Nordic climate. A blue-green food revolution with fresh and locally produced ingredients from climate-smart cultivation of nutritious Spirulina.

By eating more algae, you can help us tackle the global challenges we face today with climate change, overexploitation of our natural resources and being able to produce enough food for a growing population.

SHI – Svensk hampaindustri AB

Publicerad: 27 september, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

CO2-emissions, conventional plantbased protein not good for the soil. A gap between farmers and the industry in Sweden regarding hemp, ie the industry choose Chinese Hemp Seeds before Swedish. None existing foodtech for hemp, The industry prefers to set up deals and buy from ONE distributor and ONE adress. The farmers needs secured contracts. Conventional farmers faced with looming pesticide prices. Hemp: rotation crop who does not require pesticides nor irrigation, absorbing up to 20 tonnes CO2/ha.

SHI HEMP-FOODTECH-FACTORY is one of the lead players on the emerging Swedish hemp market. We position ourselfes like noone else in the industry – between the farmers and the industry. We aim to be the ”to go to company” regarding B2B sales of high quality, pesticide free EU-certified industrial hemp seeds and its fractions: raw seeds, de hulled seeds, colpressed hemp seed oil, presscake & protein powder. We enable for food innovators- and functional food brands who are highly driven by sustainability.


Publicerad: 6 juli, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

YOGUT is the first automatic yogurt machine in the world which will enable you to make your own personalized yogurt at home, full of gut-friendly functional ingredients and free from preservatives or additives. 

Natural Edu AB

Publicerad: 11 maj, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

About 13% of all deaths on the planet and a huge number of casualties are caused by high blood pressure. One of the main facilitator of high blood pressure is sodium rich table slat. By replacing the sodium in the table salt with potassium we can witness phenomenal changes in the overall public health.

Indigo Salt is a naturopathic salt as a supplement with more than 70% KCl consistency. It is thought to be the most suitable alternative to replace the regular table salt for daily use. Indigo Salt is 100% organic, unrefined, and yet tastes much more naturally flavourful and smoother than any other regular table salt.