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Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

We believe a more sustainable industry is possible, and within reach. In order to make this happen, we need to utilize existing technologies better. Therefor we focus on industry sectors by arranging better and effective business avenues, solutions & global connections, to reach out to the right target audience.

DOMO Animals AB

Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

We are experts at developing algorithms based on computer vision and animal behaviors. We offer AI services that can turn dummy cameras into intelligent assistants that look after your animals 24/7 and interpret their body language to insight reports real-timely.

Gasporox AB

Publicerad: 21 september, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Gasporox has a highly skilled team most from the Division of Atomic Physics at Lund University, and since 2005 Gasporox has developed and commercialized the tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology for a number of applications in food and pharma.

The Gasporox laser based sensors can be integrated into inspection- and/or production lines for 100% fast, reliable and accurate gas measurements of the gas content inside the package or for leak testing.

TekInn AB

Publicerad: 21 september, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

The company’s core technology is antibacterial surfaces. These are created via a metal complex which via the company’s polymer technology can be bonded to different types of surfaces.

Birka BioStorage

Publicerad: 13 september, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Birka BioStorage holds the largest BioStorage facility in Scandinavia providing pharma and medtech industries a wide range of temperature controlled storage including climate chambers for stability testing and transport services.​

BIRKA produces dry ice in different sizes to be used for transport, freezeing processes, blastering/cleaning and more, in addition to liquid nitrogen supply.​

Nära & Naturlig

Publicerad: 9 juni, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Nära & Naturlig has developed a new innovative fish farming technology that reuses all farming water and residual product back into the internal production again. The fish get natural feed in the form of aquatic microbes and through the systems microbial-metabolism food by-products can be reused. In addition, the production cost is significantly decreased, superior fish health is observed and the final product of fish gets a more natural ”wild” taste.


to become a big player in the global food sector, to be able to create social impact towards a future with sustainable and healthy food production. In addition, Nära & Naturlig will offer an alternative to wild caught fish, which enables recovery of the marine ecosystems, and the system reuses food by-products into a product with higher biological value in the form of nutritious fish compared to biogas. The final goal is to develop a sustainable fish farming method in Sweden, which can be established internationally and above all help developing nations to get access towards safe and nutritious food produced in a sustainable way.


Publicerad: 18 maj, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

With our game-changing technology, we enable forward-leaning companies all around the globe to be as efficient as possible all while ensuring a sustainable, eco-friendly, and low-carbon footprint treatment. Oh – and you’ll never have to compromise quality over quantity again. The food and plant tech of the future is here now!


Publicerad: 18 maj, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

DiaPure filter material is designed for Phosphorus traps in sewage systems. DiaPure is based on a naturally porous material covered in a coating with phosphorus binding properties. The material does not break down, does not clogge and works regardless of the pH level. This results in highly reactive and long lasting material.

Our goal is that as many people as possible should purify their waste water from phosphorus regardless of whether you live in areas with a high protection area or not, because it protects nature and forms a natural cycle; what previously was waste, can be of use again.


Publicerad: 17 maj, 2021 av Elida Cimic |

The United Nations is predicting a 40 % shortfall in freshwater resources by 2030, coupled with a rising world population.To contribute in handling this challenge, we at Watersprint provide a cost efficient UV LED purification system reducing up to 99,99 % of virus, bacteria, protozoa, cysts and other pathogens. We use cutting edge technology to change the game of water purification, undertaking continuous research to maximize inactivation of DNA/RNA. We do this by optimizing water flow, light reflection in reactor, geometry of reactor, LED control, flexible emission patterns, and wavelength. Our solution is flexible enough for any application, both as stand alone and as part of other manufacturers applications. The disinfection performance of our solutions is validated through a vast program of microbial tests in our lab and in cooperation with Lund University’s facilities, as well as independent validation by third party labs such as VA Syd, RISE and Synlab in Sweden and IWW in Germany. Trust us as your water experts in helping you find water purification solutions of superior and affordable quality!


To offer people around the world safe water, in a sustainable way.


Publicerad: 7 maj, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

There is a huge gap between market potential and current market value of alternative protein. Manufacturers cannot bridge the gap utilizing available plant-based alternatives, due to poor product quality, limited efficiency & scalability, and an unacceptable climate footprint. We solve the problem of the alternative protein gap by providing food manufacturers with Promyc, a unique fungi-based protein source with massive benefits over ingredients in the status quo.

Our vision is to be the global leader in fungi-based food technologies, and the disruption of alternative protein is just a starting point. Our long-term ambition is to provide a comprehensive industrial solutions, ranging from functional ingredients to nutritional supplements & nutraceuticals, specialty compounds, biomaterials, biomass post-processing, and valorization of byproducts & sidestreams.