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tracezilla ApS

Publicerad: 9 februari, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

tracezilla is a modern, digital solution designed to manage core workflows in a food company. tracezilla handles purchase, production, sales, inventory, planning, logistics, finances and quality – all in a food context.

Our mission is to make it easy – also for smaller companies – to run a professional and modern food business.

tracezilla ensures traceability and automates documentation like organic mass balance, food taxes, critical control points and all sorts of certification schemes. This saves a lot of time and reduces the risk of errors.

tracezilla’s inventory management is based on lots and dates to ensure better planning and help reduce food waste!

We want to support a diverse and sustainable food sector by making smaller companies competitive. We do this by providing an alternative to custom made ERP solutions that demand risky engagements and high investments.


Publicerad: 9 februari, 2022 av Malin Komaiszko |

A 60% decrease in employment in the Swedish fishing industry has been identified from 2008 to 2018. Next to this, food production must double by 2050 to meet the demand. This two-folded need can be addressed by the production of seaweed has been proven to be sustainable in all three aspects of the world (economical, ecological and social). However, the current entry barriers are high with a lack of technical knowledge, the complex permit and administrative processes and the site selection.

We believe there is an urgent need for a shift in sea and ocean use. We must reconsider our approach to the sea and start exploiting its resources in a sustainable manner. Hence, we believe that sea farming of seaweed, is the solution to many environmental challenges. Therefore, we want to make sea farming of seaweed accessible to everyone. We want to lower barriers to enter the promising industry of cultivating seaweed, which provides a sustainable solution to many challenges.


Publicerad: 21 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

To promote healthy habits in adulthood we offer nutritious and tasty food to babies. With our patented, science based, and sustainable concept, both parents and babies will learn to appreciate the colors, texture, aroma and taste of a wide variety of food. Our baby food concept offers flexibility and a range of nutritionally balanced meals can be composed from the individual food components. 

Angry Camel

Publicerad: 21 december, 2021 av Ola Eborn |

Angry Camel AB is a Malmö-based foodtech startup that aims disrupt the traditional snacks industry by providing tasty and healthy snacks on the go to most people. The company was founded by Kotaiba Aal and Bakr Jahhan in 2021 as a scream of anger against traditional sugar and dairy-based snacks. Angry Camel is promising to bring new healthy and culturally blended products to the Swedish customers such as hummus and drinks made from chickpeas.

Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

We believe a more sustainable industry is possible, and within reach. In order to make this happen, we need to utilize existing technologies better. Therefor we focus on industry sectors by arranging better and effective business avenues, solutions & global connections, to reach out to the right target audience.


Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

SourGo is a new kind of baking ingredient. Refined from food waste such as bread waste, root vegetable peels and brewery cravings, we have turned a major problem into an asset. With our refined mixers, you can produce all kinds of bakery products. The technology is based on a fermentation method we have developed after a lot of research and creative experimentation.


Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Rawstraw produces 100% natural and environmental-friendly straws made of Swedish rye. Compostable, tasteless and durable– perfect for your drink and kind to the planet.

Harvest of Ecuador

Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

We select sustainable farmers who work in a social & environmental responsible manner. 
Sustainability is the reason we started our business and have a deep belief that is the path to making a real change in the world. We offer single origin coffee, chocolate & dried fruits from Ecuador. 

Our company’s highest values ​​are: 
Transparency, Sustainability & Social responsibility and to make sure we achieve this we can only work directly with the farmers who share the same values ​​as us. 
With us, you will have direct communication with the farmer & producer. Learn more about their practices, values, how they care for the environment and their people and become a part of this mission.

Good Idea

Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

Good Idea is a functional wellness drink made to taste great while helping you harness your natural energy so you can feel good all day without any sugar or caffeine.


Publicerad: 20 december, 2021 av Malin Komaiszko |

ConCellae is a deep tech company, that promotes a unique combination of thirteen different co-working beneficial bacteria, the H13microbiome, originating in honeybees and was founded by researchers A. Vásquez and T. Olofsson from a discovery made at Lund University. ConCellae has the exclusive proprietary rights of this microbiome that possess health promoting abilities and can treat infections. Therefore, ConCellae works in three different sectors; functional food, veterinary products, and medical applications, in which this unique microbiome is the core of all ConCellae’s innovations.

ConCellaes is situated in Gantofta and it produces functional food-, beverages and veterinary products and market them through its web shop at Besides this, ConCellae performs consulting services in microbiology, food hygiene and safety (as HACCP plans) and gives lectures.